Until the end of the season, veterinarian and journalist, Laetitia Barlerin has taken the reins with Christophe Le Dref of Véto : Le Mag (Vet: the Mag), a magazine dedicated to animal health on the channel Animaux.

Laetitia Barlerin is an active young woman: she has already worked in television and radio, yet this is the first time she’ll present a television program. A veterinarian in Paris and surrounding areas, she consults in dermatology and behavioral analysis. Following her veterinary studies, she earned a DEA in animal behavior, and taught this subject at Maisons-Alfort. In parallel, she wrote for the veterinary press and later the general press. She preserves her passion for sharing information about animals, in particular about animal behavior.

She’s the author of: Un chat heureux en appartement (The happy apartment cat), 100 idées fausses sur votre chien (100 misconceptions about your dog), 100 idées fausses sur votre chat (100 misconceptions about your cat), Griffes et velours (Claws and velour), et Histoires incroyables d’animaux pas comme les autres and (Uncommon animal stories).

When treating pets, Christophe Le Dref goes directly into the homes of their owners. He intervenes in emergency cases, and thus is a veterinarian on the terrain, often confronted with the anxieties and personal lives of the owners. So he knows how to be understanding, indulgent and humane with animals of course… But also with humans!

Joining the team of Laetitia and Christophe on alternating episodes will be a dietitian specialized in animal nutrition, an animal behaviorist and a psychologist/sex therapist for animals.

On their program, Laetitia and Christophe welcome masters and animals seeking veterinary advice. They solve problems, recommend solutions, take advantage of each particular case to help our two or four-legged friends. What do you do if your dog chases its tail, or if your cat is diabetic, or depressed? Is dry kibble better than wet food? What are the alternatives? Can animals suffer from being overweight, or even obese?

What are the keys to understanding and treating the major behavioral problems of domestic animals?

The goal is to speak about medical or behavioral subjects that concern animals. Subject matter can sometimes be serious but it’s always handled in a relatively relaxed manner. It’s the first magazine to take on the subject of animal health! Nowhere else will you hear about stomatitis in cats, or rats with breast tumors…

In each episode, Laetitia and Christophe, two young veterinarians who love their jobs…and animals… will answer your questions about the health and well-being of your dog, cat, hamster or parrot…

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