FL CONCEPTS presents Ambassadors of Hope, a new documentary series that focuses on female celebrities who have chosen to commit themselves to helping some associations and foundations.

Currently in post-production, the first two episodes portray the actress Clementine Célarié who is committed to the AFA, the association for people with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, and the top model, Natalia Vodianova, who created the Naked Heart Foundation.

The producer of Ambassadors of Hope, Olivia Barlier, shares with us her encounters:

“Clémentine Célarié is a committed woman. For the AFA, she is a patron who does not mince her words. She welcomes us in her universe, in the Brittany region. There, she runs a theater workshop for sick persons of the association. As one might expect from her temperament, the filming becomes a moving human adventure full of surprises.

It’s not an easy thing to unleash yourself in front of the camera, and this is even more true for people who often bury their emotions. Keeping with herself, as an animator, Clémentine immediately takes matters in hand, and says “Here you are individuals, not sick persons… actors, individuals in their own right! “

Natalia Vodianova, a top model who has acquired an international celebrity status, has not forgotten her roots. In 2006, she created the Naked Heart Foundation for the children in Russia.

Our arrival on Russian soil is a complete change of scenery. On the first day of the shooting, we have a rendez-vous at the Luzhniki Olympic Center of Moscow, very early in the morning. When we get there, we find ourselves rapidly immersed in a omnipresent music, and we cannot avoid to go on a walkabout. More than one thousand runners have responded to the call of the Foundation and are warming up for the Color Run, a foretaste of the great marathon of Moscow. The atmosphere is at its height when Natalia, fully equipped, finally makes her entrance. Then, the participants engage in the untimed 5 km race. 

Committed like no one else, Natalia opens the doors of the Naked Heart Foundation for us.“

The series Ambassadors of Hope offers us exceptional documentaries to be discovered very soon on Chérie25.

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