The post-production of the discovery series Twenty Masterpieces of Nature comes to an end.

We discovered a wonderful sequence showing a bear when, for the first time, we met Sandra Rude in the middle of a commentary recording session. As the director of the episode about the natural reserve of Plitvice, in Croatia, she praised her director of photography, Jéremy Vincent, for all the virtues he showed during the filming.

“We enter the forest of Plitvice located in Bosnia,” she says. “It overlooks an incredibly beautiful vast surface of turquoise water. While we are progressing towards the heart of the forest, we have the amazing opportunity to cross the path of a bear. Jéremy spontaneously takes out his video camera and then strives to seize the best possible images. Only two meters away from an impressive creature which could take away his life with a single clawed paw swipe, Jéremy has one objective in mind; to adjust the lens focal on the animal to get clear images. That day, Jéremy strongly impressed me by his composure, and that was before I discovered the beautiful images he captured.”

The documentary series Twenty Masterpieces of Nature gives us the opportunity to enjoy beautiful images to be discovered very soon on TV5MONDE.

Koji Rodrigues. 

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