Coming soon to France 2 (France Televisions Group) and the international program market (MIPCOM October, 2012 at Zed’s booth), is your chance to meet some of the incredible creatures that live Six Feet Under the Savannah…

A film that could open a series, Six Feet under the Savannah was shot in Northern Kenya. Incredible mammals who have adopted a lifestyle similar to that of eusocial insects, the naked mole rat, are battling collapsing lands that have dislocated their tunnel system. Their priority: protect the queen who gave birth to all the colony’s animals. Their job wouldn’t be so difficult if it weren’t for the snakes and scorpions who take advantage of their confusion. As hyenas, batrachians and all sorts of reptiles move about in their underground universe, above ground events take place that have repercussions in the world deep below.

Some of the images were shot in the studio in artificial galleries created with a unique and exclusive technique. Exclusive lighting techniques made it possible to bring light under the earth. Since many subterranean creatures are blind the presence of light didn’t change their behavior. Six Feet Under the Savannah thus offers exceptional and spectacular footage.

Six Feet Under the Savannah: a documentary directed by Stephan Dufrenet.

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