“What would you like to do when you grow up?” asks his grandmother.
As he looks up towards the ceiling, young Stephan takes a moment to think before answering.
“I want to make films.“
His grandmother’s eyes slowly rise up to the same ceiling.
She ends up telling him, “You’ve got time to think about it. Now, it’s time for bed.”

Entering the audiovisual industry in the UK presented many difficult trials for Stephan Dufrenet, whose career truly began after his return to Paris. There, he spent over ten years working as a film editor, mostly on documentaries and informational videos. He was given the opportunity to create the title sequence forTaratata, a popular musical series. Due to the high quality of his work, he was then asked to direct documentary videos, and most notably on sports with Christophe Soumillion and on history withNormandie-Niemen.

During the summer of 2010, FL Concepts & co entrusted Stephan Dufrenet the directing of Crime School, a documentary series composed of eight episodes, each being 52 minutes in length, that was shot in Montreal during an entire year. In 2012, he and the company joined force once again for Six Feet Under the Savannah, a documentary on naked mole rats that live like eusocial insects and exclusively underground. Stephan Dufrenet, who is still working on the film’s post-production, will share with you soon his amazing experience!

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