Bangkok bites

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Bangkok, one of the world’s greatest metropolises. On the surface, the inhabitants of this tropical Manhattan teem furiously under the blazing sun, but below ground, in dark corners and the damp of the canals, death lurks. Millions of snakes and other venomous creatures lie in wait for prey, ready to strike when disturbed !

Each year, venomous cobras, scorpions, spiders and fish claim 125,000 lives in Asia. Yet these killers play a vital role : if they vanished, rodents would overrun the cities, spreading even deadlier epidemics.

In this documentary, we get to know these fascinating animals and try to understand why the bite, sting and kill. We examine the way they move and how their lethal methods of attack work. We also head off on an expedition in the company of Sompop, the kingdom’s most respected snake hunter, as he searches for king cobras hidden in the drains of a temple or under the cushions of a city home. We then explore the secrets of the incredible Red Cross "Snake farm" in the center of Bangkok, where staff look after the most dangerous reptiles in the world and produce antibodies and vaccines.

Bangkok Bites does not simply send shivers down ours spine. It also shows us how, in its own way, each animal plays a part in the grand balance of the living world.