Baboon The Fate of a King

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Baboon The Fate of a King follows the story of a young male, Wahou, exiled from his clan. When males reached adulthood, they are slowly pushed out from their troop, meaning they need to find a new troop who will accept them. Here in the highlands of South Africa, our young male has a good chance of finding another troop. He follows the river south and eventually comes across a clan. But will they accept him?
Baboons dont always have the best reputation. Across Africa, they are known to raid fields of crops, supermarkets and even peoples homes. But this film presents a very different side to the mischievous primate. Far away from human settlements, we see baboons in their natural habitat.


  • Production :
    FL Concepts Nature
    Un film de Guillaume Maidatchevsky
    Produit par Laurent Flahault
    Année de production : 2015
    Version disponible : Français, Anglais
    Avec la participation de France 5, SkyVision, CNC
    Diffuseurs : France 5
    Distribution : SkyVision, Jukurpa