Tasting Brazil
Episode :
The African Cuisine of Bahia

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Salvador de Bahia, Brazil’s first capital, was the port of entry for Europeans and African slaves in the 15 th century. Bel Coelho visits the city to explore her country’s African roots and discover Salvador’s mystical crossover cuisine.

First, she tries an Afro-Brazilian specialty, 'acarajé'. The fritter is filled with vatapa (white-bean paste), peanuts and dried shrimp, mixed with stewed 'gombos', an African vegetable. She then has a rare opportunity to discover the spirits of 'candomblé', a religion inherited from Africa. Finally, a chef friend, Teresa, teaches Bel her recipe for 'moqueca', a typical Bahian dish made with little soft-shell crabs, hot and mild chili peppers, and coriander.


  • Production :
    FL Concepts, Grifa Filmes, Arte France

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