Tasting Brazil
Episode :
The Brazilian Little Japan

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Brazil has the biggest Japanese population outside the Land of the Rising Sun itself. Japanese immigrants (and their cuisine) adapted to life in South America and won a place in the hearts of Brazilians.

In a famous bar in Liberdade (the Japanese community’s main district), Bel Coelho tries a dish served to sumo wrestlers:  chanko nabe. This high-calorie pork stock with chicken and vegetables is a favorite for the many sumotoris in Brazil. On the following day, the community celebrates the brief blossoming of the cherry trees – sakura and Bel learns the secrets of a dessert made exclusively for the occasion:  sakura moti.  It is made with leaves from the Japanese cherry tree, along with rice and bean dough – two very popular ingredients in Brazil!


  • Production :
    FL Concepts, Grifa Filmes, Arte France

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