Tasting Brazil
Episode :
The Cerrado Cuisine

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Bel Coelho explores the Brazilian Cerrado, a vast tropical savannah to the south of the Amazon forest in the heart of the country. This remote region with its original culinary traditions was chosen as the location for the nation’s purpose-built capital, Brasilia.

A huge variety of fruits grows in the Cerrado. Visiting Telma, who owns the Babilonia farm, Bel Coelho learns to cook 'arroz com pequi' – rice cooked in the juice of 'pequi', an unusual fruit whose pulp is tender, but which has little spines around its pit. 'Pequi' is only found in this region. In Brasilia, Bel discovers a capital that has developed its own gastronomic identity, a fusion of influences brought from the rest of the country by the people who moved here.


  • Production :
    FL Concepts, Grifa Filmes, Arte France

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