Tasting Brazil
Episode :
Sudeste: The Cuisine of coffee and milk

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Bel Coelho visits two border States. Minas Gerais and São Paulo are the most powerful regions in Brazil because of their respective dairy and coffee production. Those products are also behind the culinary specialties in this part of Brazil.

On a Minas Gerais fazenda, Bel Coelho prepares a farmhouse cheese from unpasteurized milk: 'queijo da Canastra'. In Araxa, she learns the secrets of 'requeijao moreno', a curdled-milk cheese, and tastes 'pao de queijo', originally from Minas Gerais and popular all over Brazil. In the State of São Paulo, Bel joins the Croce family, who have been producing organic coffee since 1850. She tastes different varieties of coffee and prepares a duck dish with jackfruit and coffee.


  • Production :
    FL Concepts, Grifa Filmes, Arte France

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