Tasting Brazil
Episode :
The Cuisine of São Paulo

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Bel Coelho returns to her native city of São Paulo, the economic powerhouse of Brazil and the biggest metropolis in South America. She shows us around her hometown, where so many destitute Brazilians have come to escape the hardships of life in the country’s poorest regions.

Bel Coelho prepares a Nordeste couscous with Rodrigo, son of one of the region’s first migrants, who owns the Mocoto restaurant. In front of the Copan, a colossal building constructed by architect Oscar Niemeyer, she meets up with a chef friend to make one of the city’s typical dishes: 'virado a paulista', made of bean purée, fried egg and rack of pork. Back home, Bel Coelho introduces her family to new culinary creations inspired by her travels.


  • Production :
    FL Concepts, Grifa Filmes, Arte France

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