Norin's Ark
Episode :
Double Trap in Savannah

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Veterinarian Norin Chai receives an urgent call from the Sondela Wildlife Center, a rescue facility for injured animals in South Africa. Staff there need him to check on the condition of wild animals scheduled for release. So he leaves France for the African savannah.

While Norin is examining an African eagle owl, the director of the center gets a distress call: a hyena has her neck caught in a trap. The wild animal is in a critical state, weakening fast. Without immediate action, she will die. Norin Chai and his team leap into their truck and head out into the field.

So how do you free a scared, extremely aggressive hyena? She is seriously injured, but can she still be saved?

Norin needs all his supreme composure to rescue the hyena. He will do everything in his power to make sure she can return to her pack, waiting for her on the Waterberg savannah.


  • Production : FL Concepts & Co

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