Norin's Ark
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Good Karma

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Veterinarian Norin Chai was born in Cambodia and grew up in France. Now, after more than thirty years, he returns to the land of his ancestors.

He is deeply moved to see his old childhood haunts, but has also come to pass on his knowledge and skills to young Cambodian vets. Historic tragedy has greatly reduced their country’s biodiversity.

A society for the conservation of wild animals needs Norin Chai’s special skills, which are unique worldwide. A young gibbon is suffering from cataracts that threaten to blind him. The operation will be particularly challenging. Can Norin restore the gibbon’s sight or will surgery put the animal’s life in danger?

And how can Norin save an elephant who survived the decimation of his herd by the Khmers Rouges? What will he need to do to ensure that the elephant (who still bears the marks of torture from that tragic period) can be released again?

He also has to find a way to help a macaque who may otherwise soon die of a tumor.

Norin Chai goes into action.

In this documentary, Norin Chai returns to his roots. Against a background of genocide, his childhood memories conjure up the iconic figure of his grandfather, murdered by the Khmers Rouges. This Cambodian adventure is steeped in spirituality.


  • Production : FL Concepts & Co

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