Norin's Ark
Episode :
All She Needs is Love

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Veterinarian Norin Chai is called in by colleagues in Sumatra.

While he is treating orangutans there, an emergency comes up on the other side of the island. A young tigress’s paws were caught in a trap on the edge of a national park. What can Norin do to help her? She has torn away a number of phalanges. Will she be able to walk again? Could she survive and return to the wild?

Meanwhile, a very young female elephant calf has lost her parents and is showing signs of a behavioral disorder. Why is she unwilling to approach the herd? What can be done to restore her love of the species’ favorite aquatic games and re-socialize her? Norin Chai finds a foster mother for the infant. But will the calf allow the cow to adopt her and begin to enjoy life again?

To cope with these life-and-death issues, Norin has to move into action and make difficult decisions fast. He will need to use all his ingenuity and even invent new veterinary techniques.

On an island where human communities are encroaching on wild habitats, the conservation of species is the central issue of this documentary.


  • Production : FL Concepts & Co

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