Zoo Star Animals

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In Scotland, the Norwegian Royal Guard regularly visits its Colonel, Sir Nils Olav.
Nils Olav is no run-of-the-mill senior officer, though: he's a penguin in Edinburgh Zoo!
In Vienna, a fallen artist searches for inspiration: Nonja, the city zoo's orangutan, has attracted 70,000 admirers on Facebook. Meanwhile, at Washington Zoo, Kandula, a brillantly talented elephant, satisfies his hunger for hanging fruit by setting up a makeshift perch to climb.
Then, at Beauval Zoo, nannies lavish every attention on baby koala Eora, feeding her eucalyptus sent over specially from England. He's a very fickle child!
An anteater in Sao Paulo, a pygmy hippopotamus in Malaga and a golden lion tamarin monkey in Montreal are all Zoo Star Animals. They have come to represent the zoos where they live, and crowds flock to see them.

Zoo Star Animals introduces us to these remarkable VIPs and their celebrity lifestyles. We get to know their personalities, urges and whims.
In each episode, we discover new species – highly colorful characters who amaze us with their extraordinary background. 

A fascinating exploration of the world behind the scenes in zoos and their conservation programs !


  • Production : FL Concepts & Co.

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