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Sao Paolo Zoo

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In the southern hemisphere’s largest city, the Sao Paolo Zoo is one of the only zoos in the world where the native animals in the region mingle with the animal residents of the zoo.

Backstage of this enormous zoo, there is a highly sophisticate kitchen where meals are custom-made to fit the preferences and nutritional needs of the zoo’s star animals. There is also a trained team of caretakers who feed, look after the animals, and make sure their habitats are kept clean. We’ll witness spider monkeys chow down, a procedure to help a camel suffering from arthritis, and a checkup on an elderly leopard.

Among other animal stars, the Sao Paolo Zoo houses playful elephants, cuddly chimpanzees, swimming tapirs, and hungry giant anteaters (capable of eating 15,000 ants or termites per day!)


  • Production : FL Concepts & Co.

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