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Chiang Mai Zoo

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In northern Thailand, the Chiang Mai Zoo is home to a very special animal star: Lin Ping is the young female panda that has become the center of attention at this zoo. Lin Ping was conceived through artificial insemination, an exciting step forward in the protection of this very endangered species. And, like a true star, Lin Ping in pampered with only the finest conditions, including the hand-selected bamboo leaves which she spends the better part of her day eating.

While most zoos strictly prohibit the feeding of animals by guests, at the Chiang Mai Zoo it’s encouraged! The veterinarians at this zoo believe in promoting the close contact with animals  in the name of education. Of course, the food that visitors are allowed to feed to the animals is closely controlled but to the thrill of the zoo’s visitors, hippos, elephants,  giraffes, koalas, giant carp, a variety of birds and even leopards can be fed at an arm’s length!


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