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Alpen Innsbruck Zoo

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Perched high in the clouds, between the majestic Alps and the sky. The Tyrol Alpin Zoo in Innsbruck was constructed in 1962 to raise awareness about the richness of the local fauna. The success of this concept has earned the zoo world-wide renown in the eye of the public and animal specialists.  From the Alpine chough, to the marmot, all are part of the local ecosystem, they live and reproduce here. In this natural setting, respecting each species’ habitat, the Innsbruck Zoo puts on a marvelous show.
One of the indisputable stars of the zoo is the bearded vulture, as shocking as he is fascinating, this monogamous bird mates for life.
What laws govern a pack of wolves? What are the consequences of breaking these laws? How does a young bull moose make two bullying females respect him? How do young ibexes jockey for position in the heard?


  • Production : FL Concepts & Co.

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