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Kristiansand Zoo

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In Norway’s extreme climat, where in summer the sun never sets, the city of Kristiansand’s zoo is home to a big star: Julius, the chimpanzee. But Julius is not only the star of his zoo, he's also a national television icon. Adopted at a very young age, this clever chimp showed a talent for acting and later starred in his own television show for kids. Now after his long career he enjoys his retirement at the Kristiansand zoo, where he is king of the chimps.

This zoo also offers an impressive variety of snakes and lizards including pythons and chameleons, and many other animals from around the world, not to mention pandaroos, a cute and rare fox-like critter native to China.

The Kristiansand Zoo posses a sophisticated animal hospital, we’ll witness a very cute arctic fox have a tumor in its leg removed and make a full recovery.


  • Production : FL Concepts & Co.

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