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Fuengirola Biopark Malaga Zoo

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The Fuengirola Biopark, near Malaga in Andalusia was constructed in 1981 and ever since, the sunny Spanish weather and the park’s dedicated caretakers have made the park a perfect home for a wide variety of animals. The biopark is famous for, among other things, helping to preserve endangered species, and has won many awards for its efforts. The biopark’s dedication allowed for the fist birth an endangered crocodilian, the Malaysian false gharial, in captivity in 2005. And so a star is born!

The pigmy hippopotamus is another star of this park. This animal loves the water, and never ceases to entertain the park’s visitors. Lemurs, found only in Madagascar, are some of the most playful animals in the world, and at Fuengirola there is a large variety of them, we’ll see one lemur get a checkup his veterinarian.
In order to provide the best conditions possible for its animals, the park has chosen to specialize itself in three different ecosystems: the forests of Madagascar, the African savannah, and the asian jungle. The result is an interesting mix of animals, thrilling the park’s many visitors to no end.


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