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Biodome Montreal Zoo

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On the banks of the mighty Saint Laurence river, the Montreal Biodome is home to a diversity of animals from throughout the Americas. It took three years to construct this complex feat of architecture and design. Today the Biodome is capable of reproducing four different ecosystems of the western hemisphere under the same roof; tropical rainforests, Canadian forests, North American wetlands, and the arctic.

The Biodome is famous for its incredible recreations of these ecosystems. Who would suspect to be in Quebec, here amongst the amazonian tamarins and white ibises? But just around the corner, busy beavers, native to Quebec and easily the Biodome’s biggest stars, can also been seen constructing their wooden dens and dams. Puffins and lynxes from the great north neighbor Jamaican fruit bats and Brazilian capybaras, all calling the Montreal Biodome home.


  • Production : FL Concepts & Co.

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