Child in the Wild

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“All over the world, children are living extraordinary lives surrounded by wild animals.”

Child in the Wild looks at children who have grown up in close contact with nature. Many of them have built up a special rapport with supposedly savage animals because their parents work directly with wildlife.

In each episode, we meet a child who has a very special relationship with one or more species of animal. In Brazil, 12-year-old Leticia has been riding with gauchos since she was tiny. She has learned to herd cattle across the floodplains of the Pantanal, the world’s most immense region of marshland. Giant otters, caimans, jaguars and snakes are all a familiar part of her daily life. On the Tsavo nature reserve in Kenya, two brothers, Roan and Taru (Daphne Sheldrick’s grandchildren), have been raised alongside orphaned elephant calves. Their parents run an elephant protection society. For the boys, tracking the pachyderms in a helicopter, taking mud baths with them and helping out the veterinary teams is as natural as doing homework after school. Then, across the ocean in Australia, 11-year-old Robert lives in one of the world’s biggest zoos, surrounded by wild, exotic and rare animals. His favorite? The mighty crocodile he will soon be allowed to feed when he turns 12. In each episode, through the eyes of these children, we get to know the wild animals they are growing up with.


  • Production : FL Concepts Nature

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