Press Review


Who will be the star of this wildlife series: the human or the animals? If we worry for a few seconds, that veterinarian and researcher Norin Chai’s charisma has been over-exploited, we rapidly accept the program’s concept. In addition to his work at the National Museum of Natural History and his international career, Norin Chai, a Frenchman of Cambodian origin, travels the globe trying to save sick animals whether they are members of endangered species or simply injured in an accident.

Today, we follow him to Costa Rica to the bedside of a group of three-toed sloths who are victims of a mysterious epidemic. This adventurous vet’s charm and science once again hits the bull’s eye. A fast-paced series, Norin Chai’s catch phrase is “What’s new now?”, it also has moments of tenderness, such as Over the Rainbow sung into the ear of little Carmen, a howler monkey gone blind, and Chai’s philosophical reflections. Indeed between two operations, the veterinarian deftly infuses a message of respect for nature and a spirit of openness to others.

Sophie Le Gall

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